Summary of Services provided




  • Shower stall, doors and or bath tile enclosures are cleaned.

  • Toilet is sanitized thoroughly inside and out.

  • Exposed mirror light bulbs are dusted.

  • All knick-knacks are cleaned.

  • Floors are swept and mopped.

  • Tubs, sinks, window sills, and runners are all cleaned.


  • All counter tops are cleaned. Appliances and canisters on counter tops are also cleaned. 

  • Items are also pulled out and are cleaned from under and behind.

  • Microwave is cleaned inside and out.

  • Floor is swept and mopped.

  • Finger prints and spills on cupboards are also cleaned.

  • All chrome is polished.

  • Door knobs, backboards, top and front of the fridge, windows, window sills, front of dishwasher , stove top, and drip pans are also cleaned.

  • Garbage is emptied out. 




  • All garbage cans are emptied. 

  • Every room is dusted for cobwebs.

  • Hallways and staircases are mopped and or vacuumed.

  • Stair railing is cleaned along with any rugs.

  • All throw/ area rugs are shaken and or vacuumed.

  • Fingerprints on door frames and light switches are cleaned. 

  • General tidying.